Our beliefs
We are a reformed, Presbyterian church who believe that...

The Bible. The Bible is fully and truly God's Word, our ultimate rule for all things to do with life and doctrine. Through his Word we learn of God's love for us. 

God. God is a holy Trinity, eternally living together as one God, in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, knowing perfect love together. 

People. All people are created in God's image, male and female, and are made to live in God's love. However, through human pride and rebellion, humanity fell into sin and lives separated from God. Every person needs a Redeemer to pay the price for their sin, freeing them to know God's love.

Jesus. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. Jesus, moved by love, came to earth to offer his life to purchase forgiveness for his people's sin, giving them the right to become beloved children of God.

Forgiveness. By turning from self-help to Jesus Christ for help, through faith and repentance, anyone may find forgiveness for their sins against God, and by faith be made children of God, and know again the deeply satisfying love of God. 

Discipleship. Every believer is called by God to be a minister for him, serving Christ in all areas of life--work, family, friends, recreation, finances, education--to help make disciples of all nations by sharing the love of Christ with them. 

Return of Jesus. That Jesus Christ will return to judge all the earth at which point, moved by love, he will separate his disciples from the world. 

Heaven. That Christ out of love, will deliver his children into the eternal joy of a new earth and new heavens, and will also deliver his enemies into the eternal condemnation of hell. 

Mission. God desires that all people should find the joy of God's fatherly love by turning to him through repentance and faith, so we are to share his love with people everywhere.

For a full statement of our faith please see the Westminster Confession of Faith. 

The Westminster Confession of Faith