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Is. 66.10 Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her, all you who love her.
The Lord will build his church. Even while the nations rage against the church, even while Satan schemes, divides, and discourages the church, even while false believers within her attack her prophets, even with all these, his promise remains, "I will build my church." (Matt. 16:18).
The church is his. By his blood, for his glory, to his service, the church is his. And since the church, the new Jerusalem, will be built, then those who love his church should rejoice and be glad for her! The church, Christ's church, grows, serves, loves, and thrives daily.
If we love his church--and no one who loves Jesus should despise his bride, his body, no matter her failings--we should rejoice over the church.
Calvin writes "He exhorts and stimulates to joy all believers, who are moved by strong affection toward the Church, and reckon nothing more desirable than her prosperity. In this way he instructs them that none shall have a share in so valuable a blessing but they who are prompted by a godly love of the Church, and desire to seek her deliverance, and that too when she is contemptible in the eyes of the world."
Lord, let me rejoice and be glad in  your Holy City, the New Jerusalem, your church. Each beautiful expression of her life, no matter how small, how seemingly insignificant, is a glory to you. Lord, let my heart rejoice and be glad for your church!